F307DMAC - VR-Reporter CD Rom Mac (One Year License) Watch Now

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F307DMAC - VR-Reporter CD Rom Mac (One Year License)

VR-Reporter CD Rom Mac (One Year License)
Item No. F307DMAC

VR-Reporter CD Rom Mac (One Year License)

Item No: F307DMAC
Length: N/A. minutes
UPC: 7096311
Copyright: 2001
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 9-Adult
Age Range: 15-Adult
SRP: $149.00
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This program is designed to provide a simulated television news reporting situation for college students in broadcasting programs. Students use this interactive simulation maneuver around a 360 crime scene where an assault has occurred to interview various individuals and capture B-roll footage. Clicking on any one of over a dozen people at the scene lets a student interview the individual. During the investigation, students can take notes and make follow-up phone calls. Not all the information is easily obtained. Of the three uniformed officers at the scene, only one will provide information and that is only given ?off-the-record.? Additionally, only some bystanders provide valuable information while others turn out to be a waste of time. Follow-up telephone calls to the hospital and the police station are accessible to supply additional story facts. After completing the investigation, notes and a tape log of interview and B-roll footage are saved to disc. Using the accompanying video and a nonlinear editing system, students then write and edit their news package. The VR-Reporter package includes over 60 video clips of interview questions and B-roll shots. The shots also serve as a model for the types of questions a reporter should ask and the type of shots and compositions they should try.