Newest Releases
  • Multi-Cultural Education/Understanding Series
    An exciting new multi-cultural studies series geared for middle and high school students. Each program in the series is caredully designed to prepare students for success in the multi-cultural world in which they live. This crucial information can lead the way toward appreciation of others and personal self-esteem.
  • Health & Social Issues Series
    An exciting and informative new series on Health and Social issues geared for middle and high school students. Today's teens are increasingly bombarded by media messages; these messages often encourage teens to act impulsively without regard to the consequences. Each program is designed to prepare students with ways in which they won't feel as compelled to succumb to common peer-pressure situations. These videos cover many sensitive topics from gangs to drugs to abuse to sex with a youth oriented approach.
  • Job/Career Planning & Guidance Series
    A dynamic new job/career training series geared for middle and high school students. Each program in the series is carefully designed to prepare students for success in the job environment, whether in finding the right part-time job or in establishing a full-time career.
  • Heart of Antarctica
    In January 1998, a group of spirited scientists, adventurers, and mountaineers visited a remote camp in interior antarctica. The newly published video Heart of Antarctica captures their experiences - adjusting to life at freezing level, climbing the tallest mountain on the continent (Mt. Vinson), searching for meteorites, testing new robot technology and even visiting the South Pole. Personal, entertaining and educational, Heart of Antarctica is a video to stimulate not only learning, but also imaginations.
  • ZAP! The Magical Computer
    In this video children will explore a magical world filled with lessons of life. It is presented by a friendly "computer host" your children will love! Using the latest 3-D computer technology, this video is designed not only to educate, but to entertain children in a fun manner. Children 2-8 will find it fascinating. This award winning video shows them how it's possible to overcome obstacles using creative problem solving skills.
  • The Irish Brigade In The American Civil War
    The new immigrant Irish were fierce and heroic warriors during the American Civil War; they fought not only for their adopted land but to prepare for the anticipated military struggle for Ireland's freedom. General Thomas Francis Meagher led them through the fray of many battles, winning for all Irish/Americans not only military but social acceptance. America was now their home! The Irish Brigade's motto; "Who never retreated from the clash of spears."
  • Dreams of Flight
    AIR & SPACE SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE has now captured all the drama and excitement of mankind's greatest adventure in this two volume set, as told by the people who have lived the dream.
  • The Return
    A Video About Faith ... Learn To Understand The Power Of Commitment ... See How Life's Choices Effect Those Closest To Us...
    The Return takes the viewer on a journey with a young couple. The viewer experiences their courtship, wedding and after-all based on a renewed faith and commitment to their religion.
  • The Step-By-Step Guide To Holistic Health (VisionQuest Video)
    A comprehensive video collection of 41 Holistic Health modalities. Experience these specialized areas of natural medicine and discover how the easy to understand "step-by-step" instructions can help you guide your own life toward total physical, emotional and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Restored
    A MUST for serious students of Shakespeare and the dramatic arts! The Restored Globe Theatre illuminates Shakespeare's original open air acoustics and stage craft. An unforgettable experience for the the UCB actors from the Shakespeare Program... to stage the first recorded Elizabethan production of Shakespeare on the newly rebuilt Globe stage in London.

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