Here's just some of the great things educators and reviewers say about our videos:

Algebra 1 - The Complete Course

  • "Historical anecdotes, stories and myths describe the basic components of the field of mathematics related to algebra. It is a useful tool that it helps make math more accessible to those not comfortable with the subject. It would be a welcome addition to library collections serving students in junior high through college." - Today's Librarian, May 2000
  • "Math students can go from mystery to mastery with the help of a complete video course of Algebra 1." - AV Guide, January 2001

The All Pro Sports Basketball Series

  • "NBA superstars and a coach are shown in the six-part All Pro Sports Basketball video series, demonstrating techniques that took them to the top of their sport. The videos may be ordered individually, but the entire set would form a well-rounded reference for a basketball team or P.E. class." - AV Guide March 2002

The All Pro Sports Football Series

  • Brett Favre: The Field General
    3 Stars
    All Definitely Recommended.
    "This program from the HBO Sports Video Spirit Award winning All Pro Sports Football series nicely interweaves inspirational interview footage with the star quarterback together with demonstrations of the basics of quarterbacking, including warm-ups and strength training exercises. An amiable subject and confidence-building instructor, Favre, who continues to enjoy a strong reputation in the NFL today, should ensure a wide audience for this solid instructional title among young football fans everywhere. Others in the 12-tape series include: Don Shula, Jerry Rice, Eric Allen and Jeff Jaeger." - Video Librarian, May/June 2002

America Over There

  • A must for those who want to learn more about the "war to end all wars" and America's pivotal involvement.
  • 3 Stars. "Recommended for libraries with...military collections. The technical quality of the film is exceptional and its authenticity adds significantly to its overall impact." - Video Librarian, May/June 1997
  • "All of the footage is taken under actual combat conditions in France. This element of authenticity will transport any history class into the heart of a conflict which forever changed the world." - Media & Methods, May/June 1997

Basic Math - The Complete Course

  • 3 Stars "Recommended as a good supplementary teaching tool." - Video Librarian January/February 2000
  • "Each title includes helpful printed materials to facilitate classroom teaching. Fine supplements to the math curriculum." - Booklist, June, 2000

Basic Techniques in Practical Chemistry

  • "These videos contain valid information that is useful to AP (Advanced Placement) students." - Richard Erdman, AP Chemistry Teacher, Venice High School, California
  • 3 Stars Video Librarian - Fortunately, the chemistry cavalry has arrived with Chemistry:The Complete Course... a 30 volume video classroom series designed to be used in a tutorial or remedial capacity, or even as a quick review for a science's well-shot and well-taught, and much more interesting than you'd expect. - Video Librarian September/October 2001

Digital Cameras Made Easy
· Designed for the novice, Digital Cameras Made Easy introduces viewers to the hottest shutterbug advance since the invention of the Kodak _"Brownie".
· The digital camera. Divided into eight chapters, the program offers an overview of how digital cameras work (mega-pixels, settings, _batteries),
· Basic composition (close-ups, landscapes and action shots),
· Digital imaging on a computer (including resizing, saving, and printing photos from a computer, as well as using the Internet to upload and/or _email pictures),
· Using a commercial photo lab to produce prints.
· Well organized and widely applicable (the information presented here is non-brand specific), this sure to be popular title is recommended.
· 3 Stars...Recommended...Video Librarian, September/October 2004

Dude..I Need to Find a Job
"This program would be a fine introduction to, or review of, the basics of job hunting. Will, a recent male high school graduate with few skills and little experience, realizes that he must get a job. In a humorous manner, he does everything wrong as he gears up for the job interview. The narrator and on-screen tips point out his errors and suggest more appropriate responses. Students can build on these suggestions as they prepare to begin the job hunting process. There are tips on writing a resume, getting leads for a job, researching the company, arranging an interview, and proper dress. The program emphasizes that job applicants must focus on how to fill the company's needs, not satisfy their own. Teachers will need to elaborate on the points made, but the basics are presented here in an informative yet humorous manner." ( Teacher's Guide Included)
____ School Library Journal, July 2005

As the title implies, this film dubs itself as a viewer-friendly occupational guide for the perennial teenaged slacker, but although it aims to be an upbeat and fun intro to job-hunting in the “real world,” Dude, I Need to Find a Job also dumbs down the material a bit too much to fully achieve its goal. Tracing the job-hunting escapades of sad-sack teenager Will as he attempts to land a job with a construction company, the program follows him through his initial perusal of the want ads, hapless attempts at writing a resumé, and dismal first job interview. After each segment, the narrator stops the action and reviews what Will could have done differently and better, admonishing and/or coddling him along the way...... Bundled with a "Job Hunters Guide” booklet--including quick tips for dressing for success, resume writing, and handling job interviews....
Video Librarian, November/December 2004

Will, a teenager looking for his first job, demonstrates all the wrong moves in this clever live-action program. WatchingWill stuffing sandwiches in his mouth while making a job-contact telephone call, dripping mayonnaise on his résumé, andslouching through a job interview brings
home the importance of telephone etiquette,professional résumés, proper attire,and appropriate body language. Frequent captions and animated pop-ups suggest telephone-call and interview scripts and remind teens to listen carefully to the interviewer,act interested in both the job andthe company, and show politeness. Packed with solid advice and appropriate humor,this is a good resource for life-skills classes.
A companion title, Dude, Where’s My Job?, is also available. Includes Teachers Guide
- Booklist November 2004

English as a Second Language
· Comprised of 6 lessons offering instruction on how to pronounce, speak, read, and remember the English language with confidence, English _as a Second Language opens with an introduction to the building blocks of the English language
· The 26 letters of the alphabet-which an on screen host explains, is made up of both vowels & consonants.... Encouraging each viewer to _work at his or her own pace
· The program inks the lessons to sight, smell, taste & mental pictures to help visualize words
· This will certainly be a useful supplement to ESL collections." - 3 Stars...Recommended...Video Librarian, September/October 2004
· "
... This video is designed to help ESL students.... The six lessons teach the sounds that have distinct phonetic characteristics and follow specific rules. Lessons covered include: '' Learning &Remembering the Alphabet", "Pronunciation", "Blends", Diagraphs and R Controls", "C and G: The Soft Sounds", Diphthongs or Vowel Teams" and "The Rule of Y and Sight Words" This is a serviceable way for upper level middle and high school students to learn about the myriad of ways to learn the English Language." - School Library Journal, November 2004
" ESL is a first rate,basic teaching tool,appropriate for speakers of any language. It begins with very useful study tips,then proceeds through six lessons,focusing on the English sounds that follow specific rules. Throughout the program,the instructor reminds students to work at their own pace and to stop and review...recommended for any collection in need of ESL materials"
_ Library Journal, April 2005

EZ Math Trix

  • 3 Stars Video Librarian - "EZ Math Trix would be a fun addition to elementary or junior high math well as in public libraries, since general numerophiles will find it enjoyable. Recommended." - Video Librarian, July/August 2002
  • "This clearly organized production may build viewer's confidence in performing basic mathematical operations. Skills taught here could be applied beyond just the scope of school work...Schools and libraries with large budgets looking for math materials may want to consider this (series) as an additional purchase." - School Library Journal/ May, 2003

The Changing Universe

  • "The Changing Universe is accurate, informative and entertaining. The video fills a niche for school children that has not been addressed. I highly recommend this video for your library and school system." - Don Garland, Museum Of Science & Industry, Fort Worth, Tx
  • "As a historian who has worked on the holocaust and other aspects of World War II...this film stands out for the use it makes of the lives and experiences of ordinary people and for the directness and simplicity with which their stories are told." - Solon Beinfeld, Ph.D History, Washington University
  • "You have done a great service to history and to humanity. It is an extraordinary achievement to have captured so vividly and movingly the experiences of a generation."
    - Hulda R. Flynn, Ph.D Psychology

Flags of the World

  • "Recommended" - Grammy Award Guide
  • "Fills a longstanding video gap...unique up-to-date overview" - Video Librarian
  • "A colorful global journey... A gem!" - TV Guide
  • "Commendable...revealing" - Billboard Video Previews
  • "A fascinating presentation... colorful... informative" - Children's Video Review
  • "A full-color reference tool" - Nebraska State Education Assoc.
  • "This production is a showcase" - School Library Journal
  • "An excellent reference tool for home-schooling families or just for geography buffs" - Christian Booksellers Of America
  • "Young children have really enjoyed it" - Cottage Lake Elementary
  • "Recommended" - Calgary Board Of Education
  • "This is what Geography and Social Studies teachers have lacked as a teaching tool and it has finally arrived." - Beth Cantrell, Executive Director, Thomas Brothers Maps Educational Foundation
  • "This is a valuable product for use in geographic education... Its versatility is outstanding." - John Brierly, State Coordinator, California Geographic Alliance
  • "This is an excellent tutorial series for primary instruction, review, re-teaching, and remedial instruction." - Jim Stockard, Alabama Council for the Social Studies
  • 3 Stars! - Video Rating Guide for Libraries
  • "Award-winning teacher brings excitement to the study of geometry. Jim Noggle has taught mathematics since 1970, receiving many awards for his teaching. He brings his love of the subject to the lessons and infuses them with excitement in the 30-volume set Geometry: The Complete Course." - AV Guide, February 2001
  • 3 Stars Video Librarian "Terms are defined upon initial use; new concepts are presented in a logical, consistent manner; and Noggle emphasizes the relationships between the real, three-dimensional world and the conceptual two-dimensional representations in geometry, as well as the connections between geometric principles. It's a thorough and effective presentation. Recommended." - Video Librarian, March/April 2001
  • Centers on the lives and philosophies of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. As each philosopher is profiled, footage of ancient ruins (restored to their original state through computer animation) and camera pans of sculptures, paintings, illustrations and artifacts help viewers visualize the original splendor of Greece. - Candace Smith, Booklist, American Library Association, 05/01/2001
  • Ancient Greece traces the history of Greek philosophical thought from its beginnings through the decline, with the advent of Christianity and subsequent renewal of interest in the Neo-Platonists. Recommended for content. - Library Journal, May 1st 2001
  • This presentation is appropriate for higher level high school or college courses dealing with Western Civilization or the Ancient World. - School Library Journal, June 2001
  • 3 Stars! Recommended.- Video Librarian, September/October 2002
  • "...a great recap (of the team's) adventures and a good learning tool for children" - Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 Astronaut
  • Gold Apple Award Winner,1999 - National Educational Media Network
  • "These videos provide an interesting blend of scientific fact and personal experiences which will be perfect for classes studying ecosystems, scientific research, or exploration." - Library Journal, June 1999
  • "Scientific terms are captioned, vintage footage documents early explorers Amundsen and Byrd. ...Upbeat music and lighthearted banter add to the introduction of Antarctica's climate, landscape and living conditions." - Booklist, April 1999
  • "The production and filmmakers imagination have made for a stimulating educational experience. Some black &white footage of early 20th century explorers is stunning." Recommended for school libraries and most general collections." - Endorsed by Kid's First, Coalition For Quality Children's Video, December 1999
  • - School library Journal, August 1999
  • "The video received the Gold Apple award from the National Educational Media Network and was endorsed by Kids First ... Coalition for Quality Children's Video." - AV Guide, November 2000
  • "One of the most comprehensive and well-produced instructional videos I've seen."
    -Loren Alidrin, Videomaker Magazine

I Ain't Drunk... I'm Just Drinkin'...

  • "I was extremely impressed not only by the content of the videos but also by the gripping honesty of those of those who shared their most personal experiences... it is the true-life stories of "real" people that have the greatest effect on young people. The message in the video set is clear and to the point and seems to leave no stone unturned." - Jane Heady, Executive Director, MADD, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Improve Your Intuition

  • "What could have been a 45-minute segment of talking heads is instead a compelling documentary with interesting angles and effects." - Atlantic City Magazine
  • "Journal writing, visualizing issues and goals, playing guessing games based on real life situations, and paying close attention to dreams are a few of the previously well-kept secrets these elite members of the ‘Intuition Network’ share with audiences." - Billboard
  • "If your intuition isn’t as sharp as you’d like it to be, check out this video which features experts in the field of intuition and business management offering techniques and exercises." - L.A. Times

The Irish Brigade In The American Civil War

  • "Belongs in the video library of any history buff and every Irish American..." - Irish News/May 1998
  • Surveys and highlights the sacred city's four quarters (Moslem, Armenian, Jewish and Christian). Through scenes of cathedrals and mosques, Orthodox Jews and tourists, crumbling ruins and modern structures, the video offers a sense of Jerusalem's complex variety. - Candace Smith, Booklist, American Library Association, 05/01/2001
  • Jerusalem is a lively often fascinating view of the history and importance of this great city. It's importance to three major religions is illustrated by visits to Christian, Muslim and Jewish holy places. Recommended. - Library Journal, May 1st 2001
  • The architecture and historical sites shown and discussed will be of interest to students studying religion, world history, humanities and art appreciation. - School Library Journal, June 2001


  • "I strongly recommend these as an addition to every school's resource center." - Laurel Core, School Counselor, Menasha, Wisconsin
  • "The puppets are attractive, music upbeat and the lessons meaningful." - A. Gallart, Library Media Specialist

 Sex Education Series - Learning About Growing Up

  • The Learning About Growing Up Series, is recommended as an outstanding educational series of programs by the Taiwanese Sex Education Association.

 On Assignment - Photography Video Series

  • 5 Stars "Maybe the next best thing to having your own photo mentor" - Video Choice Magazine
  • "EXCELLENT - Production values, useful information and advantage of medium." - Popular Photography Magazine
  • "Extremely well done - production values are excellent and the information, images and graphics work well together." - Petersen's Photographic

 Knowledge is Power:An Introduction to Using Statistics

  • 3 Stars " Fast-paced,yet easy to follow,this affordable introduction is highly recommended for science or math curriculums." - Video Librarian, November/2003
  • "This excellent production to statistics focuses on the work of "Students for a Better Earth" and how they use recycling in their community... The male narrator is easily understood,and important facts are written on-screen. The video features gender & racial diversity,and uses a variety of formats which will keep viewers engaged: live action,animation,charts,drawings,and still photos.... This delightful production would be an excellent introduction to intermediate & middle school collections." - School Library Journal, Oct.2003

Newton's Wagon: Understanding Motion

  • "A personable science teacher demonstrates Isaac Newton's three laws of motion in this lively new entry in a science fundamentals series. Students are shown performing simple experiments that demonstrate motion principles. Computer graphics spice up the presentation and onscreen captions reinforce key principles and definitions. This remains a useful, reasonably priced program that may inspire similar classroom experiments." - Candace Smith, Booklist, December 2000
  • "The onscreen host, Lynn Syvante teaches three middle grade kids about Newton's three laws of motion. Live-action footage, computer-generated animation and graphics mixed with fun activities make this an enjoyable video. The program illustrates Newton's laws of motion in an entertaining manner using a Newton's Cradle, a toy car race, jumping from a platform on wheels, a balloon rocket and a Newton's wagon. The realistic activities illustrating Newton's three laws of motion stay onscreen long enough to be copied and will appeal to students. The technical and audio aspects are good and the teaching aspects are met. The teacher's guide includes correlations to the National Science Educational Standards Benchmarks. This fun video will keep the attention of the targeted viewers and provides teachers with an additional way to meet different learning styles. A nice enrichment purchase for science curriculums and for public libraries." - Kathy Dummer, School Library Journal, January 2001
  • 2 Stars - Video Librarian, January/February 2001

The Party's Over: Sex Alcohol & Pregnancy

  • "Viewers of this well -acted drama learn that a sexual relationship is a serious matter, requiring personal commitment as well as responsible attitudes towards pregnancy and disease prevention." - School Library Journal, December 2002

The Princess and The Rooster: A Children's Guide To Really Good Manners

  • "Princess Dialta Alliata di Montereale demonstrates proper social graces to children in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, making learning fun." - AV Guide, January 2001

Physical Geography

  • Using lovely film footage of nature, the video discusses the forms of water, explains water's impact on the land through which it flows and follows the hydrologic cycle of water. Technical terms appear on the bottom of the screen, followed by a concise definition, amply illustrated by video clips. The slow pace of narration enables students to take thorough notes. The content is geared to students with little or no prior knowledge about the topic. The video could be used to introduce a science or geography unit. - School Library Journal, April 2002

Raising Self-Esteem For African-American Students

  • 2 Stars - Video Librarian, June 1999


  • 2 Stars Video Librarian - "Rapmatics employs a keepin it real scenerio...the concept itself is convincingly effective. Built around solid information, Rapmatics is a fun and creative approach to algebra instruction." - Video Librarian, July/August 2002
  • First Place, National Black Programming Consortium
  • Audience Award, Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame
  • "This peppy,attention-grabbing musical videotape is designed for beginning algebra students....Virtually all of the students loved the idea of learning mathematics musically.......the students assured me that the music alone was enough to pique their interest in learning algebra rules. That assurance is enough to make the seasoned algebra teacher want to rush out and buy a copy!" - Sue Barnes, Dierks High School, Dierks AR. Mathematics Teacher Magazine (Nat'l Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Real Life Teens. 9 volumes

  • Real Life Teens attack real issues in this nine part series. Placing the teen spokepersons in realistic home, school and other relaxed settings gives the program authenticity. Frequent on screen captions reinforce important points. Other vital issues, such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol, bullies, racial tension, violence, legal issues and teen rights are examined in the remaining series titles. - Candace Smith, Booklist, January,2002
  • Real Life Teens ("Weapons & Violence"): Using a series of teen comments, the Video looks at weapons & violence in schools. Topics include school safety/weapons, fighting, harassment and racial tension. The scenes are faced paced. Teens expose their fears of potential violence. The advice, although straight-forward, is not preach but practical and should appeal to teens. The video could be used in secondary family living classes or for group work with guidance counselors. - School Library Journal, February 2002
  • 3 Stars Recommended - Video Librarian, March/April 2002
  • Real Life Teens ("Teen Depression"): "Graphics and music are appealing to teens, but not overpowering. The program is nicely structured and well paced for note-taking, but short enough to allow for class discussion." - School Library Journal August 2002

The Return

  • 2 Stars - Video Librarian, July/August 1999
  • "The Return concerns one young couple's decision to become Orthodox Jews. The solid voice - over provides a smooth narration of the major events in their new lives together, from their marriage to the birth of their first child." - Library Journal, May 1999
  • "Nicely melding voice-over with candid interviews and commentary, this is a natural for viewers interested in following a similar religious path or to enlighten others." - Booklist, November 1999

Rhythms of Peace

  • "Thought-provoking and stimulating with broad appeal." - Doris Martin, assoc. professor of education, James Madison University
  • "Very creative, professional, playfully realistic." - Chris Anders, student teacher
  • "A zany character who calls himself Mr. Fredd hosts this introduction to the concept of peace. The Mr. Fredd character is appealing, ensuring that all children will attend to his positive image." - Booklist, March 1999

Science In Action Series

  • 3 Stars! - Video Librarian, May/June 1997
  • "The science in Action video series is a solid intro...It is recommended..." - Gold Award winner - Parents' Choice, 1997
  • "Using fast-paced, live-action coupled with computer generated graphics, this is an enjoyable production... the Science In Action video series could be used as introductions to various science units or thought-provoking discussions." - School Library Journal, May 1997

Sculpting Characters With Clay

  • 3 Stars! Recommended.- Video Librarian, September/October 2002
  • "This video introduces posture, anatomy and the creation of a character. Hollywood clay animator Mark Sawicki discusses his techniques for sculpting clay characters." - AV Guide, September 2002
  • "Sculpting Characters with Clay" is a wonderful resource for beginning sculptors, animators and much more! - Christina Ratliff, Polymer Cafe Magazine, December 2003

Sex Education - Learning About Growing Up Series

  • "These videos are very relevant, straightforward and contemporary. They are effective in presenting the material to young adults and adolescents in a mature manner, presenting all information necessary for future mature choices." - Adolescence Pregnancy Prevention Program, Child Welfare League of America Reviews/Kudos
  • "These videos are the best I've seen! They're insightful, educational and current. Most importantly, they speak to kids at a critical time in their lives." - Anna Feig, Assistant Principal, L.A. Unified School District
  • "The biological information is presented in such an entertaining manner that it makes learning a pleasure." - Dr. Nancy Fritz, Pediatrician, Chicago, IL
  • "The format - interviews, music, quick-cuts, visual impact - is hip and energetic. What a change from the dull, talking heads we're used to seeing. Without preaching or advocating, these videos addressed all of my student's questions." - Terry Snyder, 6th Grade Teacher, L.A. Unified School District

Sex Talk

  • 4 Stars "A four star rating. This production is a useful tool for facilitating a discussion between teens and parents about sex related topics". - Video Rating Guide for Libraries
  • 3 Stars "This excellent and inexpensive program offers a solid base for initiating discussions between parents and teens." - Video Librarian
  • "This 'door opener' gives parents ideas on how to tackle ticklish topics comfortably with their maturing offspring." - Booklist
  • "Any parent seeking guidance in dealing with sex and their kids (Junior high and older) would benefit from this admirable tape." - Library Journal
  • "Fabulous and essential... watch this with your kids, over and over again." - Mary Lou Gilliam, Health Education Teacher
  • "This is the most important and helpful video a parent will ever watch." - Julie Paradis, R.N.

The Shakespeare Collection

  • "Highly recommended for purchase - super addition to any library. An excellent means of extending the Shakespearean experience while maintaining student interest." - Leon District Media Center, Tallahassee, Florida
  • "This series is a must! It is beautiful. The entire production is spoken so clearly that students could almost follow it without having read it first - this is high praise."
    - Educational Service District Film Center, Pasco, Washington
  • "I am impressed by the quality of the tapes and by the productions themselves." - Bill Mishoe, Chairman, English Department, Columbia College, South Carolina

The Shakespeare Conspiracy

  • "As narrated by noted Shakespearean actor Derek Jacobi - and authenticated by an international group of Shakespearean scholars - the case for the 17th Earl of Oxford is a teasing exercise in literary detection. The clues to be found here are sufficiently tantalizing to keep this issue alive for some time to come. Recommended." - Amy Cantu, Ann Arbor Dist. Lib., MI - Library Video Journal, February 15 2001
  • 3 Stars "This reasoned inquiry into the authorship of the plays and sonnets credited to one William Shakespeare provides serious mind granola on which to chew. Narrated by noted actor Sir Derek Jacobi, The Shakespeare Conspiracy explores the currently trendy argument (first advanced in the 1920's, but really gaining notoriety in the 1980's and 1990's) that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, penned the works we today associate with the biographically-challenged William Shakespeare. Given the renascent interest in Shakespeare, this interesting documentary (which garnered writer-director Michael Peer several European awards) combining scholarly assessment, generous film clips from the plays, and on-location footage, is sure to be popular. Recommended." - Video Librarian, March/April 2001

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Restored

  • "...will be of interest to English literature and drama students at high school and college levels. Recommended." - Library Journal/September, 98
  • 3 Stars! "This video excels as a teaching tool for students of Shakespeare and drama"
  • "appropriately tinged with apprehension and excitement about the Bard on such hallowed ground." - Video Librarian Magazine July/August 1998
  • "...advanced dramatic arts classes may enjoy experiencing the planning, rehearsals, scenes from the play, and post-production discussions of the Berkeley Shakespeare Program students." - Video Library Journal September 1998
  • "The Solar System - A New Look video is a real motivation because it gives the student a different view of the planets and all its characteristics. I highly recommend this video. It has a wealth of information for any grade level." - Charlene Bice, President, Classroom Teacher's Association
  • "Accurate, informative and entertaining. I highly recommend this video for your library and school system - it fills a niche that has not been addressed." - Don Garland, Museum of Science and Industry, Fort Worth, Texas
  • "I was most impressed by the presentation of these videos. Because of its excellent quality and vocabulary specific to fifth grade texts, it is well presented and will be an important addition to the science department and library of my school." - Nancy Maas - 5th grade gifted and talented teacher

Stop Struggling With Your Child

  • "This excellent resource for frustrated parents offers seemingly workable ideas and guidelines." - Booklist 1/6/99
  • 3 Stars! "I liked the practical tips offered here"
  • "...presentation was humorous, entertaining and extremely enlightened. A good choice for a parenting collecion." - Video Librarian May/June 1998
  • "Highly recommended" "In an entertaining and positive manner, they offer...practical and straightforward tips..." - Library Journal/August 1998
  • "If you've tried everything from guidance to bribery and nothing works, you're ready for this video." - Woman's Day Magazine
  • "A must for parents... This video is packed with practical tips and solid, sound advice."
    - Sally Jessy Raphael

The SuperStar Students Series

  • ** stars "The basic idea.. is that learning takes place when you can connect new information to previous knowledge and apply it, rather than simply engage in rote memorization. Academic Learning is a like athletics: one must train to excel. The course is taught by Dr.Tim McGee, a young energetic high school teacher who has developed advanced placement curriculum at his school. He's easy to relate to and a gifted teacher." - Video Librarian, September, 2000
  • "This course covers skills that are useful for any high school student." - AV Guide, August 2000

All About Telescopes and Binoculars

  • *** Three Stars, Recommend  "In this solid introduction, hosted by Bob Bonadurer, director of the Minneapolis Planetarium, would-be amateur astronomers will discover that a good pair of binoculars offers enough magnification power for moon, planet and even nebula gazing. Offering a nice mix of general information and specific tips, this reasonably comprehensive introduction is recommended." - Video Librarian, March/April 2002

Tell Me How

  • "Real People working at real jobs are the stars of a new series called Tell Me How. The fast-paced programs are highly educational, with up-to-date information about occupations that might not have existed a few years ago."- AV Guide, February 2003

Tell Me How:Veterinarian

  • 2 Stars! "In Veterinarian, host Melody Young looks at the busy world of an animal doctor,who answers questions both general,( "Do animals catch colds?") and career-related, ("What preparation do you need to be a vet?"). Kids already interested in becoming a vet might find this interesting."- Video Librarian ....September/October 2003

Tell Me Why

  • "This series may be one of the video industry's best resources for supplementing a child's education." - The Washington Post
  • 3 Stars! - Video Rating Guide for Libraries
  • 4 Stars! - Children's Video Magazine
  • The Award of Excellence - Film Advisory Board
  • Silver Honors winner - Parents' Choice

Tell Me Why - Computers

  • I am amazed (in all of the good ways) that the producers of Tell Me Why.Computers were able to fit in so much solid information in a scant 31 minutes. Using a question and answer format (a child's voice asks the questions, which are then answered by the adult narrator) this program covers the gamut from softballs such as "what is a CPU?" to truly esoteric (and oftentimes rhetorical) queries such as "why does my computer crash?" Why, indeed. Based on the Tell Me Why books by Arkady Leokum, this Joe Friday-style "just the facts, ma'am" video glossary of common and not-so-common computer questions will teach viewers everything from the basic physical parts of computers to that large, mysterious, and amorphous thing called a network. Although aimed at kids, I think anyone grappling with the "paradigm shift" (and I try not to use this phrase irresponsibly) in encountering the world of computers for the first time might be well served by this engaging presentation. Highly recommended. Also newly available for the same price: Tell Me Why.The Internet. Aud: E, I, P. (C. Block)
  • 3 Stars - Video Librarian Jan/Feb. 2002
  • This fast paced video answers questions children ask about Computers such as: What is a computer? What can you do with a computer? Each question appears on-screen, making the video accessible for teachers who want to pause for discussion. The video features live action, animation and graphics. Vocabulary words appear on screen. The content is current. The video could be used to introduce the topic in computer classes, or as an introduction to a research project where students will go on to find out more information on the technologies mentioned - School Library Journal, March 2002
  • "Presented in this volume are three different kinds of computers: desktop computers, laptops and PDAs. This program comes with a study guide that contains a glossary and discussion questions. This video provides a thorough 30 minute introduction into the world of computers." - Media & Methods, March/April 2002
  • "This Video provides a thorough 30 minute introduction into the world of computers." - Media & Methods, March/April 2002

Tell Me Why - The Internet

  • This program begins by answering the question "What is the Internet?" by describing its information sharing and commercial functions. The history of the development of the Internet beginning with the government's ARPANET is traced. This would be a useful program for an introductory overview in an instructional unit on the Internet. - School Library Journal, April 2002
  • 3 Stars. Recommended. "Sports excellent underwater photography, viewers will learn the common and scientific names, as well as relevant facts, for the yellowtail snapper, pufferfish, giant moray eel and that squishy-armed monster a sea anemone."- Video Librarian, September/October 2002
  • 3 Stars! - Video Rating Guide for Libraries
  • "EXCELLENT - Spectacular footage, excellent experiments and very informative."
    - Department of Educational Media & Technology, Hillsboro County, Florida

Videocoach Vogelsinger's Soccer Series

    This has to be the best tape of the series. Kicking- A Viewer from Los Angeles, USA, June 25, 1999
  • Best kicking skills video I've seen! Excellent graduated series of demos and drills for teaching the proper way to kick the ball with the instep and inside and outside of the foot, for beginners through advanced players. As a coach, I've successfully used these techniques to teach kids to kick correctly and to unlearn bad habits. - Joe Steffen from Oak Park, IL, Dec. 24, 1998
  • "The Videocoach Soccer Series helped my son's team win their first league championship." - David Asher, Miami, FL
  • 2 Stars In this video, some of the finest women astronauts in NASA's space program recount their experiences. It is worth seeing for the thoughtful (and thought-provoking) comments from the women astronauts, whose passion for excellence comes through clearly. Girls interested in the sciences need all the encouragement they can get, and are sure to find inspiration in these personal stories. Recommended. - Video Librarian May/June 2001
  • "This 55-minute video features space film clips and candid interviews with the first seven U.S. women astronauts. Learn about the important role women play in a profession that was once dominated by men." - Creative Classroom May/June 2002

Zap! The Magical Computer

  • 3 Stars! - Video Librarian
  • "a little 'Toy Story'" - Video Business Magazine
  • Winner of the 1996 Parent's Choice Silver Honors Award
  • "So Wonderful, so inspiring to any parent" - Parent Talk, KVON, San Francisco
  • "Children 2-10 will find it fascinating and captivating" - Children's Foundation Child Care Bulletin
  • "It's the kind of video kids can watch over and over again, be entertained over and over again" - WBNR, New York
  • "Hip and snappy" - MetroKids Magazine
  • "It's a fun video...a superhero who doesn't fight his way out of things, he thinks his way out" - KFAV, St. Louis

    English as a Second Language
    · Comprised of 6 lessons offering instruction on how to pronounce, speak, read, and remember the English language with confidence, English _as a Second Language opens with an introduction to the building blocks of the English language
    · The 26 letters of the alphabet-which an on screen host explains, is made up of both vowels & consonants.... Encouraging each viewer to _work at his or her own pace
    · The program inks the lessons to sight, smell, taste & mental pictures to help visualize words
    · This will certainly be a useful supplement to ESL collections." - 3 Stars...Recommended...Video Librarian, September/October 2004

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