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What is the Real Life Teens Series?


Real Life Teens is an unbiased and realistic look from the perspective of teens, at the wide variety of issues teens face today featuring young teenagers (not actors) telling their real stories, in their own words.

The series discusses significant issues in adolescent society and cuts through many barriers with its honest and relevant advice and information.

We all know that communicating with teens can be difficult - they often do not like to be talked to by "adults" - but they do listen to what their peer group is saying and thinking. This is the rationale behind Real Life Teens.

Each program is not meant to be a primer or guide on a specific issue but is designed to provoke thought and conversation amongst teens about topics many find unable to voice and to show them their particular issue is shared by many others.

Intended Audience

This program is designed for use with a general high school audience, grades 8-12, home schooler’s, teen clubs and social organizations, social service agencies and health departments, hospitals, churches, young offenders facilities and any place where teens, whether normal or troubled can be reached.

Each volume comes with subject specific teacher's guide on the web at



In this program we address the communication gap that occurs between students, their teachers and counselors. We discuss how students can better understand the challenges facing teachers and counselors today. By understanding the mechanics of the school environment, teens will be better prepared for overall success both in and out of school. A student's success in the classroom is not based on their teacher's performance, it is based on their own performance. When students show genuine interest, teachers will be more willing to talk, meet with and address any issues students have. However, students that show a lack of interest, disrupt classes, don't complete assignments, skip classes or show no interest in their academic career are often left behind. Having an open and positive line of communication with a teacher or professor is vital to a student's success in school. Although all instructors have different personalities and expectations, there are some general guidelines student's can follow in order to establish a positive relationship with their teacher.

Subjects Covered Include:

• Getting along with your teacher
• How to handle difficult classes
• The importance of school counselors
• When and how to talk with your counselor
• Choosing your classes wisely
• Class preparation
• Having an open & positive line of communication with your teacher

20 minutes
UPC: 709629023963
SRP: $64.95

communication break

Q396DVD $64.95


According to many studies, almost one third of all public high school students and nearly one half of all blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans, fail to graduate from public high school each year. Many of these students abandon school with less than two years to complete their high school education. The decision to drop out is a serious one for students. Dropouts are much more likely than their peers who graduate to be unemployed, live in poverty, receive public assistance, end up in prison, live an unhealthy lifestyle, become divorced and become single parents with children who drop out from high school themselves. Dropping out of high school is not a sudden act, but a gradual process of disengagement. Lack of attendance, lack of parental involvement and lack of motivation to succeed are all patterns and signs that a student is having difficulty at school and considering dropping out.

Subjects Covered Include:

• The drop out epidemic
• Why do students drop out of school?
• High Schools and Funding
• Parental Involvement
• What are the dangers of dropping out of school
• What are the benefits to a high school education
• The importance of graduation to future employers
• Lack of opportunities for High School Dropouts
• Finishing High School – the road to college
• Going back to School & finishing your education

20 minutes
UPC: 709629023932
SRP: $64.95

Highschool Dropouts

Q393DVD $64.95


Teens & the Dangers of Social Media - Social networking sites are open to anyone however offer a low level of security and protection. Because students often post detailed and specific information, they can be more easily stalked by strangers or even acquaintances. The purpose of most of these networks is to allow individuals and groups to keep in touch and track the daily lives of each other. By keeping things at the status quo on the social networking sites, the result is a micro society of friends that is more open than ever before. However students don't often consider the dangers that social networking introduces to their lives. The content they place on the networks can easily make them vulnerable to all sorts of threats. Some of these threats are minor, but some can be incredibly severe. A photo shared between two people can quickly become a viral phenomenon. By using the text messaging service on their cell phones, computers or other electronic devices, teens engage in sexting by sending flirtatious messages back and forth. Sexting is currently illegal under federal law. It falls under the creation, distribution and possession of child porn and is a felony offense. While some lawmakers are working to change this, others are prosecuting both those taking the pictures and those possessing them.

Subjects Covered Include:

• What are the benefits of Social Networking Sites?
• What are the dangers of Social Networking?
• What should you not post on your site?
• What is the impact from incriminating & inappropriate information posted on network sites?
• Can postings on a network site effect employment?
• The Felony charges associated with sexting

18 minutes
UPC: 709629023918
SRP: $64.95

Dangers of Social Media

Q391DVD $64.95


Teens & Party Drugs - Graduation from middle school to high school is a critical point for most teens and where the risk of alcohol and drug abuse rises dramatically. Many studies show that 14-year-olds are four times more likely to be offered prescription drugs and three times more likely to be offered Ecstasy or marijuana than 13-year-olds. Older teens are far more likely to encounter alcohol and drugs at parties even when parents are supervising. Raves, nightclubs, bars, dances and parties are places young people go for fun and good times. But today's "fun places" often carry an added dimension of danger. The use of Ecstasy, Roofies, Georgia Home Boy and Special K are all street names for club drugs that teenager's are using at raves and parties to get high. Prescription pills have also become popular among teens because they are easy to get and represent a more socially acceptable way of getting high than taking street drugs. Some teens, are self-medicating undiagnosed depression or anxiety, while others are using stimulants to try to get an edge on tests and studying.

Subjects Covered Include:

• What is Ecstasy?
• What are club drugs?
• Why are prescription pills just as dangerous as illegal drugs?
• Where are teen abusers of prescription drugs sharing "recipes" for getting high?
• Do some teens self-medicate undiagnosed depression or anxiety with prescription drugs?

18 minutes
UPC: 709629023925
SRP: $64.95

Real Teens-Party Drugs

Q389DVD $64.95


Teens & STDs - The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reported last year that one in four teenage girls had contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Sexually transmitted diseases (also known as STDs — or STIs for "sexually transmitted infections") are infectious diseases that spread from person to person through intimate contact. STDs can affect guys and girls of all ages and backgrounds who are having sex — it doesn't matter if they're rich or poor. Unfortunately, STDs have become common among teens. Because teens are more at risk for getting some STDs, it's important to learn what they can do to protect themselves. As with many other diseases, prevention is key. It's much easier to prevent STDs than to treat them. The only way to completely prevent STDs is to abstain from all types of sexual contact.

Subjects Covered Include:

• What are STDs?
• Types of STDs?
• How are STDs Spread?
• Preventing & Treating STDs
• Who Can Get HIV?
• Hepatitis B - how is it spread?

18 minutes
UPC: 709629023901
SRP: $64.95

Real Teens-STD's

Q390DVD $64.95


Teens & Teen Pregnancy - Pregnancy amongst teenagers is becoming a growing problem in today's society. About 1 million teenagers become pregnant each year and more than 530,000 give birth. Dealing with the responsibility of becoming a parent at a young age is one of the hardest tasks to take on. Many teenagers don't fully understand the large responsibility and full time commitment it takes to raise another human being, when they themselves still have a lot of growing up to do. It is vital that teenagers become educated about sexual responsibility, as well as ways to protect themselves from getting pregnant if they're sexually active.

Subjects Covered Include:

• Why do teenage girls get pregnant?
• Why don't teenage girls want to get pregnant?
• What kind of help does a teenage mother need?
• Is a baby born to a teenage mother more at risk than a baby born to a grown woman?
• What are the consequences of Teenage Pregnancy?
• Teen responsibility, child support & costs of raising a child
• Pregnant Teens – 2/3 drop out of school

18 minutes
UPC: 709629023925
SRP: $64.95

Teen Pregnancy

Q392DVD $64.95


Teen Rebellion - is a normal part of adolescence. One of the major developmental tasks teens face is developing independence from their parents and becoming their "own person". Transitioning from a dependent child to an independent adult not only takes time but also manifests itself in behavior patterns such as rebellion, defiance and ambivalence. Rebellion takes many forms, positive and negative and teens learn that the decisions they make for themselves have consequences. Teens will develop their own personal beliefs which will inevitably lead to some bad choices and mistakes. In this episode of Real Life Teens, teens not only talk about their own experiences with rebellion, but also discuss their attitudes to rebellion, their parents, school, society and their peers. Includes pointers by clinical psychologist Dr Deborah Cooper.

Subjects Covered Include:

• What is rebellion?
• Healthy vs. unhealthy rebellion
• Making choices between healthy & unhealthy displays of rebellion
• Anger issues
• The role of parents
• Respect & permission – discuss the differences
• Dealing with disappointment

20 min.

Q385DVD $64.95 

Q385DVD $64.95


Teens & Global Warming – Hear from Real Teens as they discuss different aspects of Global Warming, how it's effects are being felt and their take on why society today needs to change its course. In this episode of Real Life Teens, we’ll explore why it’s important for teens to become involved and what teens think they can do to help manage a potential global warming catastrophe. We’ll also get some eye opening insights into what teens feel about global warming, how they feel they’ll be affected, whether they care or not and who they blame. Introduced and hosted by University of California Santa Cruz, Earth Scientist, Professor Travis O’Brien, teens discuss possible causes and solutions to Global Warming and why their participation in dealing with the effects of this global climate shift change is critical and necessary. Unlike some other world problems - such as war, disease or poverty – global warming is a problem teens can start solving today.

Subjects Covered Include:

• What is Global Warming?
• Are teens more environmentally conscious?
• Can teens really make a difference?
• What is a carbon footprint?
• Recycling is the start to a solution
• How are some effects of warming are already being felt
• Human Actions and Global Warming
• Our Consumer Society
• Conservation is a key ingredient.
• The bottom line - Global Warming is not just your parents problem any longer

20 min.

Q386VD $64.95 

Q386VD $64.95


Teens & Self Esteem - As part of the process of adolescence, teens naturally have to deal with their feelings of self worth. As teens develop both physically and emotionally and as their awareness of self changes, it can be tempting for teens to compare themselves with others as part of the natural desire to feel accepted by their peers. For many teens this gives rise to a struggle with self-doubt, concerns about their appearance and low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can make teens susceptible to a variety of issues ranging from feelings of inferiority and failure, poor performance in school, withdrawal, poor lifestyle choices and parental issues and concerns. Before teens can begin to improve their self-esteem, they must first believe that they can change it. This valuable episode of Real Life Teens discusses self-esteem, lack of self confidence, what teens feel about their self image and how they can start building their confidence that they do have self worth.

Subjects Covered Include:

• What is self-esteem?
• Why do teens think they change from confident children to confused unmotivated adolescents
• What do teens feel are the causes of low self-esteem?
• How do parents and teachers come into the picture?
• The role of peer pressure
• How society makes us feel less worthy
• What kind of things do teens do to help builds self confidence

20 min.

Q387VD $64.95 

Q387VD $64.95


Teens & Emotional Abuse - Many teens suffer emotional abuse from their peers, family and other trusted adults. Emotional abuse can be difficult to define as there may not be physical signs, however it is clear that this form of destructive behavior is based on power and control. Emotional abuse can affect a student’s self-esteem and greatly impair psychological development and social interaction. It can manifest itself in social withdrawal, severe anxiety, fearfulness, depression, physical complaints, substance abuse and the inability to feel and express emotions appropriately. Emotional abuse can occur when anger goes too far or when parents or teens in relationships constantly criticize and threaten resulting in damage to self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. In this program, Teens discuss their experiences with emotional abuse, how they recognize it and the effect and consequences it has now and can have on teens throughout their lives. Interspersed with the Teen discussions are valuable insights and guidance from clinical psychologist Dr Deborah Cooper.

Subjects Covered Include:

• What is emotional abuse?
• Types of emotional abuse
• What to do if you are being emotionally abused
• Why does emotional abuse happen?
• Behavioral indicators of emotional abuse
• How do you know if you or someone you love is being emotionally abused?
• Can emotional abuse lead to other dangerous behaviors in teens?
• Where to turn to for help

20 min.

Q388VD $64.95 

Q388VD $64.95


Today’s often inadequate teaching of sexual knowledge in a generally sex-obsessed media driven society  is one of the major reasons teens engage in sexual activity without fully understanding the consequences and the impact of poor decision making where sexual matters are concerned. Teens are too often motivated by curiosity and the pressure to perform sexually as expressed by friends, love and the media rather than a healthy conscious desire and understanding of their sexual behaviors. Teens need to learn how to manage their sexual feelings responsibly and be able to select a partner who will respect them and avoid unwanted sexual outcomes. Hear from Real Teens as they discuss how they feel about Sexual Responsibility

Subjects Covered Include:

• Teens & STD’s
• How STD’s spread
• Sexual activity at a Teen age
• Unprotected Sex
• Many Sex partners & its consequences
• Teens & HIV
• What is Syphilis & how is it spread
• Effects of Syphilis as an adult
• The emotional & monetary effects of Teen pregnancy

20 min.

Q384DVD $64.95 

Q384DVD $64.95

Available August 2008


Today's Teens are more likely to abuse prescription and over the counter medications than many other illegal drugs such as Marijuana. This is often referred to as "pharming." Abuse of these drugs to get "high" is now an entrenched behavior among Teens.  Teens are now exposed to powerful mind altering drugs, often impure at an alarming level.  Damaging steroid use is often encouraged by role models in society. With the use of these drugs, Teens are damaging their health, experiencing date rape, black outs, becoming unconscious and in some cases, losing their lives. Hear from Real Teens as they discuss their exposure and knowledge of pharmacological drugs and dangerous chemical substances.

Subjects Covered Include:

• How do these Drugs affect the user
• The long term effects of Drug use
• GHB & Rohypnol
• Street names for GHB & Rohypnol
• The effects of Ecstasy or MDMA
• Abusing prescription medication
• Methamphetamine or "Meth"
• Inhalant Abuse
• Teens on Steroids
• Dangerous Drug impurities

20 min.

Q383DVD $64.95 

Q383DVD $64.95

Available August 2008


Cyber-bulling is any form of harassment that occurs via the Internet. Vicious forum posts, name calling in chat rooms, posting fake profiles on web sites and mean or cruel email messages are all examples of bullying. While Cyber-Bullying mainly takes place on line, other high tech methods like threatening text messages and taunting voicemail also fall under this category.  Cyber-bullying is a crime in some States and has even led to death. Hear from Real Teens as they discuss their views on Cyber-Bullying.
The program has a recommended companion title: Bullies and Harassment.

Subjects Covered Include:

• Why do teens Cyber-Bully
• What can be done about Cyber-Bullies
• How can Cyber-Bullies be stopped
• Dealing with forum and chat room bulling
• Where to turn to if you or a friend is being Cyber-Bullied
• The consequences of Cyber-Bulling
• Dealing with website bullying
• The must do’s and the not do’s of the Internet

20 min. 

Q382DVD $64.95

Q382DVD $64.95

Available August 2008


Teen suicide is a complex event often arising out of deep depression where a Teen develops feelings that they are unwanted, misunderstood, angry, ashamed, abused, unloved or victimized.  Teens commit suicide because they may be feeling guilty about disappointing family, friends or they feel an overwhelming sense that they are too much of a burden on others. Deep Depression can affect Teens where they believe that suicide is the only solution. If a Teen commits suicide, everyone is affected. Sometimes even those who barely know the Teen develop feelings of guilt, confusion and the sense they could have done something themselves to prevent the suicide.  Hear from Real Teens as they discuss their feelings about severe depression and suicide.
The program has a recommended companion title: Depression

Subjects Covered Include:

• What is Deep Depression
• How Deep Depression is recognized
• Attempted suicide
• Substance abuse
• Warning signs
• Coping with Teen problems
• Where to turn to if you or a friend needs help

20 min.

Q381DVD $64.95 

Q381DVD $64.95

Available August 2008


In our looks-obsessed society, lots of people think that being overweight is simply an appearance issue. Obesity issues go way beyond the ones we usually hear about, like diabetes and heart disease. Being overweight can also affect a person's joints, breathing, sleep, mood and energy levels. Being overweight can impact a person's entire quality of life. Hear from Real Teens as they discuss their self image, weight, obesity and health.
The program has a recommended companion title: Eating Disorders

Subjects Covered Include:
• Why do Teens become overweight
• How can Teens avoid being Obese
• The health issues surrounding being overweight
• How depression & anxiety add to conditions of Obesity
• What outside influences can lead to Obesity
• Changing attitudes toward body image
• Where to turn to if you or a friend needs help
• Obesity can change a Teens personal self-esteem
• How outside influences such as family life & hurtful teasing can lead to Obesity, depression & other serious issues in a Teens life & happiness

20 min.

Q380DVD $64.95 

Q380DVD $64.95

Available August 2008

Real Life Teens: Smoking

This program discusses the effects and repercussions of smoking on the body. It talks about the reasons teens smoke and why they should not smoke. After completing the program, students will have a better understanding of the reasons teens may choose to smoke, what addiction is and why smoking can lead to major health risks. Hear from Real Teens as they tell us how they feel about smoking.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Why teens smoke cigarettes.
• The health risks.
• Smoking & peer pressure.
• Dealing with peer pressure.
• The chemicals found in cigarettes.
• Addiction.
• Tobacco products.
• Resources to help stop smoking.

23 min. 

Q337DVD $64.95

Q337 $59.95

Q337DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Alcohol

With more teens starting to drink and abuse alcohol this program discusses the effects and consequences of alcohol use. It shows the effect that alcohol consumption has on the body and describes some of the health risks of short and long term use. The program also summarizes the reasons why teens chose to drink and the organizations to help with substance abuse. Students tell us in their own words why they drink, why their friends drink, and how they feel about alcohol. After completing the program, students will have a better understanding of alcohol, its effect on the body, what alcohol dependency is and why a teen may chose to use alcohol. Real Teens give us insights into the use of alcohol in their lives.

Subjects Covered Include:
• The effects of alcohol.
• The risks involved with alcohol.
• Alcohol use & peer pressure.
• The long term health risks involved with alcohol.
• The parts of the body responsible for breaking down alcohol.
• Alcohol abuse & dependency.
• The warning signs of alcohol dependency.
• Organizations to help with alcohol abuse & dependency.

20 min.

Q335DVD $64.95  

Q335 $59.95

Q335DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Peer Pressure

This program discusses peer pressure and its effect on teens. It is designed to help teens feel comfortable discussing issues and the positive and negative effects of peer pressure. After completing the program, students will have a better understanding of peer pressure and its effects.

Subjects Covered Include:
• The positive effects of peer pressure.
• The negative effects of peer pressure.
• How to avoid negative peer pressure.
• Where do most peer pressure situations occur.
• Where to turn for help.

21 min. 

Q338DVD $64.95

Q338 $59.95

Q338DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Drugs

This program discusses the effects and repercussions of drug use physically and mentally and educates teens on the dangers of drug use and addiction. After completing the program, students will have a better understanding of drugs, the effect on the body, the long and short-term health risks and the addictive qualities of drugs.

Subjects Covered Include:
• The dangers of drug use.
• Peer pressure & drug use.
• Stimulant drugs and depressant drugs.
• Addiction.
• Physical and mental addiction.
• Prescription drugs.
• The side effects of dangerous drugs.
• Where to turn for help for drug addiction.

24 min. 

Q336DVD $64.95

Q336 $59.95

Q336DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Teens and The Law

This program discusses the relationship of Teens and the Law. It informs teens of the role of School Resource Officers on campus and how the police can be of help. Using interviews with officers and teens, students will gain a broad understanding of laws, why they exist and how they are enforced. Learn the common laws teens violate, ways to interact with police, what to do and what not to do and the role of juvenile courts and the justice system.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Students rights on and off campus.
• The School Resource Officer.
• How to avoid trouble with the law.
• Local and Federal Laws.
• Common punishments for breaking the law.
• Juvenile Hall.
• The role of the Police.
• Probation.

24 min.

Q341DVD $64.95

Q341 $59.95

Q341DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Weapons & Violence

This program discusses the effects and repercussions of weapons and violence on campus. Learn the methods to control anger and where to get help when the pressures of being a teen become overwhelming. This video details the punishments most schools have in effect to curb fighting on campus. It includes interviews with school officials on the dangers and punishments involved with bringing a weapon on to campus.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Weapons on campus.
• A safe learning environment at school.
• Does fighting at school carry penalties?
• Anger and violence.
• How to avoid a fight.
• Where to turn for help if threatened.
• Punishment for weapons on campus.
•· Punishment for fighting on campus.
• Anger management & peer-counseling.
• Where to turn for help with an anger issue.
• The programs available to help teens.

22 min.

Q340DVD $64.95

Q340 $59.95

Q340DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Bullies & Harassment On Campus

This program discusses bullies and harassment on campus and some of the motivations behind a bully's behavior. Using interviews with teens that bully and teens that have been bullied, this program provides a broad understanding of why bullies do what they do, the best way to handle them and who can be of help in a harassing situation. The program discusses the damage to self-esteem when a student becomes the constant victim of bullying and the ways to avoid conflict and violence on campus. Teens tell us their fears and solutions in this "must watch" program.
The program has a recommended companion title: Cyber-Bullying.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Does bullying exist?
• Student harassment.
• How to deal with a bully.
• The law & it's involvement with bullying.
• School rules to protect from harassment.
• How to stand up for yourself.
• Where to turn for help with a harassing situation.

21 min.

Q343DVD $64.95

Q343 $59.95

Q343DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Bill of Rights at School

This program covers the complex issues surrounding teens' rights at school and discusses how their rights on campus are different to that in public. It describes how and why a school is legally allowed to place restrictions on speech, clothes and behavior, while enforcing the student's basic civil rights. It also explains a student's rights to privacy and why a school can search a student's locker, backpack or car on campus with only reasonable suspicion.

Teens are shown the importance of obeying school rules and why knowing their rights on campus can reduce fear and replace paranoia with understanding. It describes the Tinker Test and how a student's freedom can be limited along with the role and responsibility of school resource officers on campus. Real Teens tell us how they feel about their rights.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Students rights on campus.
• Weapons on campus.
• The police on campus.
• The Tinker Test.
• Freedom of expression.
• Teachers protection under the law.
• School restrictions on freedom of expression.
• Where to turn if students suspect their rights are violated.

19 min.

Q339DVD $64.95

Q339 $59.95
Q339DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Racial Tension on Campus

This program gives an important overview of racism today in high schools and why racism can be insidious and destructive in a teen's life.
Students learn about racial tension and how it can lead to problems in every aspect of high school life. Suggestions and techniques for diffusing racial tension are presented in a practical and useful style. Students learn how to open up their mind to the differences between races on campus, along with the common occurrence of racial cliques and why they can lead to racism. Real Teens speak frankly about their feelings on Race in this important program.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Racial cliques.
• Racism on campus.
• How to diffuse racial tension on campus.
• The advantages to avoiding racism in life.
• How to open up to other languages.
• The importance of honesty.
• Why some teens become racist.

20 min.

Q342DVD $64.95


Q342 $59.95
Q342DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Lessons of Love

Teens live in a complex world, balancing social and school life. This program helps teens cope with the experiences and complex lessons of early dating and opens up the definition of teen dating to match the reality teen's face today. It gives practical advice for getting through the first date and encourages teens to be open-minded on who they choose to date. With emphasizes on personal values and how a student can use these to make wise choices, this program identifies some of the common lessons of teen dating and Teens show how to make  both smart, healthy and positive choices as well as mistakes.

Subjects Covered Include:
• How to define a "date."
• Choosing who to date.
• What to do before the first date.
• Dating outside of one's social clique.
• Emotions and dating.
• The first date.
• Sexual intimacy.
• Dating options.
• Safety and dating.
• Dating and life lessons.
The program has a recommended companion title: The Dark Side of Dating.

21 min.

346DVD $64.95

Q346 $59.95
Q346DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: The Dark Side of Dating

Dating is a major part of high school social life. It should be a positive and enriching experience that will prepare teens for real life. However too often, dating has a darker side. This program covers the dangers and potential negative aspects of dating. Students learn about the harm caused from gossip along with some of the pressure student's face on and off a date. The program emphasizes the importance of standing up for yourself in high school. It shows why "no" means "no!" and how to make your desires clear. The program also covers the danger and risks of drugs and alcohol on a date -- and why these substances can ruin a teen's life. Finally, the program discusses the issue of teen intimacy and sex and how viewers can make the right choices for their own morality.  Teens in this program show us why this knowledge is an essential survival guide to today's teens.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Why gossip is a problem.
• Refusal skills and dating.
• Respect and relationships.
• The risks of sexual intimacy.
• The dangers of drugs and alcohol.
• Date-rape drugs.
• How to make dating a positive, safe experience.
The program has a recommended companion title: Lessons of Love.

19 min.

Q345DVD $64.95

Q345 $59.95
Q345DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Teen Depression

Depression can be a devastating and debilitating condition for teens. It can interfere with school, social life, family life and virtually every aspect of a teen's life. Unfortunately, teen depression is common. In this program, teens learn about the real risks of teen depression, how to identify depression and why depression interferes with a teen's life. Students learn about self-medication and the dangers of trying to solve chemical imbalances themselves along with the warning signs of depression and why it's important to seek help. This program also touches on the tragedy of teen suicide and what to do if you or a friend needs help. This is real advice for a dangerous and wide-spread health condition among today's teens. Real Teens speak frankly about their "dark side".

The program has a recommended companion title: Deep Depression and Suicide

Subjects Covered Include:
• Defining depression.
• The warning signs of depression.
• Identifying the roots of depression.
• Depression and home life.
• Self-medication.
• Self-destructive choices.
• Getting help.
• Teen suicide.

22 min.

347DVD $64.95

Q347 $59.95
Q347DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Teen Anger

Anger is often the most powerful emotion for teens -- but it can reveal a deep assortment of underlying emotions. At school campuses everywhere, anger is a growing problem for students. This program covers teen anger and why anger can be the tip of an emotional iceberg. Students discover methods for recognizing anger in all its forms and how to cope with it. Teens learn what leads up to anger and how to diffuse angry or violent situations. They'll also learn about anger and home life, why covering up anger is dangerous, how to maintain positive attitudes and how to deal with this negative emotion in a positive way. Teens discuss anger in a revealing set of interviews.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Identifying anger.
• Why anger can be destructive.
• Common sources of anger in teens.
• How to let out anger.
• Anger and home life.
• Anger on campus.
• Violence and anger.
• Expressing emotions in a positive way.

20 min.

348DVD $64.95

Q348 $59.95
Q348DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Stress

Many teens are under stress: school, dating, home life, social stress, it can be overwhelming! Too much stress can get in the way of enjoying life, being productive and making good choices. It's well recognized that stress can lead to health problems and psychological harm. This important episode of Real Life Teens is designed to help teens through the very real issue of stress in their lives. The program covers common areas of stress in a teen's life: academic stress, social stress and stress from home life. Real teens give real solutions and insights into this important subject.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Sources of stress.
• What a teen can do to reduce academic stress.
• Why procrastination can cause stress.
• Pressure to “fit in”.
• Why It's important to accept yourself.
• How to reduce dating stress.
• What to do if there is a serious problem at home.
• Solutions to stress.

20 min.

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Q351 $59.95
Q351DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are a growing concern amongst teens. While positive feelings of self esteem about appearance are important in today's world often teens put appearance above all else with devastating results. Eating disorders are complex, self-destructive and dangerous issue with physical, psychological and emotional roots. Viewers will learn the difference between anorexia and bulimia and why becoming obsessed with weight can reveal serious underlying issues. Students will discuss and learn some of the common causes of eating disorders. Teens see that both sexes can be affected and that getting help is possible. Real Teens talk about how they feel about their self image and food. 

Subjects Covered Include:
• Why appearance is important.
• The difference between anorexia and bulimia.
• Why eating disorders are dangerous.
• What to do if you suspect an eating disorder.
• Why diet pills and fads are dangerous.
• Good nutrition for teens.
• Where to turn for help with eating disorders.

22 min.

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Q349 $59.95
Q349DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Broken Homes

Many teens today are a product of broken homes whether through divorce or other causes. This program discusses how teens perceive their lives in a broken home environment. It is designed to help teens feel comfortable discussing the issues and the effects of broken homes.  Real Teens tell us about divorce, step parents and families and how they feel it affects them.

Subjects Covered Include:
• The meaning of divorce.
• Coping with divorce.
• The effects of a broken home.
• Reactions to divorce.
• Parents views.
• Step Parents.
• Where to turn for help.

23 min.

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Q356 $59.95
Q356DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Ethics In School

Many times it can be hard for teens to develop a positive code of ethical behavior in school. This program discusses the importance of ethics in the school environment and in a teen's peer group.  It is designed to help teens feel comfortable discussing these issues as well as probing positive and negative aspects school ethics. Real Teens talk to us about their actions and sense of right and wrong in school.

Subjects covered include:
• Positive ethics & their benefit to teens.
• Negative effects from bad ethics.
• Developing good ethics.
• Gossip and rumors.
• Negative effects of gossip and rumor.
• Ethics and your future.

21 min.

353DVD $64.95

Q353 $59.95
Q353DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Media - It's Impact & Influences

This program discusses the effects of the ever present media in teen’s lives. Teens talk about the positive and negative effects of media. The program looks at many problems faced by teenagers dealing with the impact and influence of media, from movies and television to magazines to music. Hear Real Teens being upfront about how media affects them.

Subjects covered include:
• Music.
• Television.
• Movies.
• Positive & Negative effects of the media.
• Self - Esteem.
• Getting advice and help.

22 min.

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Q352 $59.95
Q352DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Preparing For College

In this modern world getting a college education is extremely important for one's life and career goals. Today, too many teens are dropping out of high school. This program is designed to help teens get more involved in their own college preparation. Real Teens discusses the issues and problems faced by teenagers dealing with college preparation and shows the importance of preparing for college.

Subjects covered include:
• Ways to prepare for college.
• The importance of graduating from High School.
• SAT's and their importance.
• The importance of choosing the right college.
• Developing good study habits.
• Where to ask for help with college preparation.
• Future Careers.

20 min.

354DVD $64.95

Q354 $59.95
Q354DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Staying Focused

With crowded classrooms and outside influences, many teens have problems staying focused on their school work and responsibilities. This program discusses how Teens can stay focused and adapt positive habits for goal setting. Real Teens tell us how they feel about both losing and gaining focus.

Subjects covered include:
• The positive effects of staying focused.
• The negative effects of not staying focused.
• Ways to stay focused.
• Bad habits.
• Good habits.
• Setting goals.
• Scheduling.
• Various distractions.
• Ways to make it easier to focus.

22 min.

357DVD $64.95

Q357 $59.95
Q357DVD $64.95

Real Life Teens: Teen Driving

Driving is a privilege for a Teen and this is one privilege that should not be taken lightly.  Teens discuss their driving behavior, their issues about getting and keeping a car, accidents, alcohol use and things they do and don't do while driving.  Real Teens talk freely about the positive and negative aspects of driving.

Subjects covered include:
• Getting a driver's license.
• Drinking and driving.
• How can driving be beneficial.
• Being a defensive driver.
• Driving distractions.
• Cell Phones.
• How can driving be detrimental?
• How to be a responsible driver.

22 min.

355DVD $64.95

Q355 $59.95
Q355DVD $64.95


This program discusses money and teens. Teens often have trouble making mature decisions about money due to lack of knowledge about money, media targeted towards teens and few resources to assist them towards being responsible about money. Teens will often earn money and spend it freely without any thoughts of money management. But more now that ever, teens need to learn how to be responsible with money and the complex world of consumer finance they are about to enter.  Hear from Real Teens as they discuss their feelings about Money and how they manage it.

Subjects covered include:
• How does money affect a young person?
• What is difference between money and credit?
• The negative aspects of credit
• The importance of financial responsibility
• Getting advice about money
• Jobs and Teens

21 min.

Q358DVD $64.95

Q358DVD $64.95


This program discusses Teen Self Destruction and its different manifestations. Self inflicted physical injury such as "cutting" is the most common aspect of Self Destruction. Teens may experience painful feelings of their own towards harming themselves or may be exposed to a teen or friend who needs real help. Helping someone who is prone to self destruction is not easy and Teens discuss ways to help.  In this program we'll discuss possible causes and solutions to self destruction in adolescents. Hear from Real Teens as they discuss different aspects of Self Destructive behavior

Subjects covered include:
• What is self destruction?
• What kinds of problems can lead to self-destruction?
• How to express negative feelings in a positive manner
• Alternatives to self destruction
• Positive ways of expression
• How to know if you or a friend needs help
• Where to turn to for help

18 min.

Q359DVD $64.95

Q359DVD $64.95


This program looks at Teens and Runaways and the two types of runaways. Running away from home during an often difficult adolescence is an easy solution to home problems.  When a teen chooses to run away, even for a short time, it can affect the emotional well being of those around them. Teens may experience painful feelings. In this program we'll discuss running away and the issues that may lead a teen to leave home. We'll also look at the possible solutions to home problems and where to turn to for help when faced with problems that may lead a teen to consider running away. Real Teens share their experiences and feelings about running away.

Subjects covered include:
• What is a Runaway?
• What are the two types of runaways?
• How to cope with problems at school or home
• Alternatives to running away
• Open communication with parents and guardians
• Where to turn to for help

19 min.

Q360DVD $64.95

Q360DVD $64.95


This program discusses Teens and Disabilities, as more disabled teens are "mainstreamed" and explores the different ways that disabilities can impact teen’s lives. Non-disabled teens learn and offer the many different ways in which disabilities can manifest in people and how they treat and react to other teens with disabilities. Real Teens discuss students with disabilities and how the general student population can support them.

Subjects covered include:
• What is a disability?
• How to understand a disabled student
• Why those with disabilities are called “special”
• Showing respect and helping those who are disabled
• Special Education

18 min.

Q361DVD $64.95

Q361DVD $64.95


This program discusses why teens choose to turn to gangs and reasons why that decision could be detrimental to their safety, health and future. Teens discuss why gang involvement can lead to personal risk or imprisonment. On the flip side teens also discuss positive group involvement, positive role modeling and support.  Hear from Real Teens as they tell us how they perceive gangs.

Subjects covered include:
• What is a Gang?
• Problems can a teen have with gang involvement
• Different groups that can provide support
• Support or protection that is positive
• Why do teens join gangs?
• Violence
• Racism and gangs

17 min.

Q362DVD $64.95

Q362DVD $64.95

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