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Yoga For Health Series
Yoga For Health Series
Yoga is an ancient Indian form of balancing mind and body through breath control and a series of asanas. It aims to attain the unity of mind, body and spirit through asanas, breathing and meditation. Asanas are gentle stretching movements designed to rejuvenate the brain, spine, glands and internal organs. They work by increasing the blood and oxygen supply to these areas by stimulating them with a gentle squeezing action. Asanas help to relax body and mind together. Stretching helps to relax and tone the muscles to improve the circulation, to regain the vital force or energy, lose or gain weight, feel and look young and improve concentration. The 13-title, Yoga from India series, features The Yoga Master - Dr.Sujatha. Dr.Sujatha is the first Indian to receive a Doctorate in Yoga and completed a study on how asanas, pranayama and meditation effect the mind and body. With her unique style of teaching traditional yogic sciences, Dr.Sujatha is the founder and Director of Power Management Consultancy and Patanjali Yoga Vidya Kendram. Known for her unique style of teaching asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques, she demonstrates how thoughts and emotions, when regulated, can have a positive influence over physical health. Yoga asanas taught in this series, are sequenced by an expert yoga master to work the body to achieve specific benefits and address specific ailments. When done with the application of the mind, blending with breathing, Yoga is the most powerful approach to improving the quality of our health and life.
Yoga For Health - Asanas
Asanas are an ancient blend of movement, meditation and mindful breathing..
Yoga For Health - For Children
Children are very flexible and take to yoga with ease. Starting the ..
Yoga For Health - For Diabetes
Yoga for the diabetic is a scientifically designed series of postures ..
Yoga For Health - For Digestive Problems
Yoga asanas gently press on the bodys glands and organs, resulting in ..
Yoga For Health - For Hypertension
Yoga addresses the whole person, considering not only their physical ..
Yoga For Health - For Knee Problems
The postures address every bodily system including the digestive, ..
Yoga For Health - For Neck & Shoulder ..
When Yoga is used to overcome ailments then it is important to remember..
Yoga For Health - For Obesity
Yoga gently tones and shapes the body, improves posture and flexibility,..
Yoga For Health - For Sleep Disorders
Yoga does not focus on attacking a specific ailment. Ayurveda focuses ..
Yoga For Health - For Spinal Problems
Yoga positions or asanas are the best for toning muscles, lubricating ..
Yoga For Health - For the Elderly
Age is inevitable and the body goes through changes that reduce its ..
Yoga For Health - General Health
Fitness is a state of health that can be maintained only by constant ..
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