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Tell Me Why Series - Spanish
Tell Me Why Series - Spanish
The Award-Winning Tell Me Why Series is now available in Spanish. The Award-Winning, 31-title, Tell Me Why series based on the books by Arkady Leokum, gives informative and easy to understand answers to the many types of questions that children ask about everyday subjects, in a simple and entertaining manner. This series plays a vital role in enhancing Spanish curriculum by applying language skills in a variety of contexts on more sophisticated subject matter. The Tell Me Why series now offers students an opportunity to expand learning horizons by offering the 31 volume series, in Spanish. With its user-friendly format, this excellent, easy-to-use resource is valuable for helping students enrich their Spanish vocabulary and gain insight into many different subjects from Space, Earth & Atmosphere, Water and Weather, Flowers, Plants & Trees, How Things Work to Medicine, Sports, Computers and the Internet. Offering a wide range of subjects designed to appeal to a wide student audience, students can choose a topic and learn the kinds of subject-specific terms not found in standard language learning. The Tell Me Why Spanish series, is an ideal complement to a large host of topics and activities in the Spanish classroom. Students will benefit greatly with the audiovisual learning method which is excellent for student retention! Students will Learn Everything From: How sugar is formed to where guppies are found, What makes a carrot orange to what makes a "social" insect, Bamboo to bark; Glaciers to the gulf stream, Gold to granite; Air to asteroids, Lizards to lions; Dogs to dinosaurs and much, much more! Teachers / Student Guide Includes: Suggested teaching strategies, Concepts and terms to listen and watch for, Questions for thought, discussion and further study, Career opportunities, Glossary.
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