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Religions of the World - Oh My GOD!
Religions of the World - Oh My GOD!
This series takes an inviting and insightful look at the spiritual teachings, customs and daily lives of families of different faiths. Experiencing a vast array of traditions and social activities it explores faith through the eyes of youth, their families and social connections as it takes a light-hearted and honest look at faith, culture and how the youth of today view their spiritual education as an integral part of who they are. Join host Tevya Heller on this cultural journey in his search for God. Spiritual guides from the worlds greatest religions provide insight into what it means to have a little faith; whether they were born into it or discovered it on their own and how have a little fun along the way. His lively, candid, unscripted interactions mostly with teens and young adults, look at religious belief and practice in a very personal and human way. He asks the questions; what do you believe, what practices do you follow and what does it mean to you? By embedding himself in the lives of devout families and their cultural communities we join Tevya as he laughs, loves and learns more about himself and the world. From driving a horse and buggy with the Old Order Mennonites to yoga classes with the Zen Buddhists this series discovers what we all have in common as we watch and learn from cultural practices that have been passed down for centuries.
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