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Physics Tutor Series: Learning By Example
Physics Tutor Series: Learning By Example
Accelerate students Physics skills with this award-winning series. Physics is frequently one of the hardest subjects for students to tackle because it is a combination of two of the toughest subjects for most students: Math and Word Problems. If you understand the math but dont do well in word problems or you understand word problems but have no idea where to begin with the math, youll have trouble with physics. The Physics Tutor Series is a complete Physics course for the beginning physics student and a great refresher course for continuing students. The entire course is a 24 lesson series covering all of the core topics in detail. What sets this series apart from other physics teaching tools is that the concepts are taught entirely through step-by step example problems of increasing difficulty. It works by introducing each new concept in an easy to understand way and using example problems that are worked out step-by-step and line by line to completion. If a student has a problem with coursework or homework, simply find a similar problem fully worked on in the series and review for the steps needed to solve the problem. Students will immediately improve their problem-solving skills which will help with homework and exams and will have a reference for many of the commonly asked problems in Physics. About Jason Gibson: Jason holds M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the University of Texas. He has been teaching Math Tutor programs since 2004, with his proven methods of helping students understand basic math and physics principles step-by-step, using practical examples. Each teachers guide includes subject matter revision and suggestions on how to present material, questions to ask students and class projects to help illustrate the key concepts. Resource Chapter - Includes Recommended Books & Physics Websites.
Angular Acceleration & Moment Of Inertia
This program explains the moment of inertia and how it governs the way..
Angular Momentum
This program teaches the concept of angular momentum of a rotating ..
Angular Speed and Angular Acceleration
Learn the concept of angular speed and angular acceleration and how to..
Bernoulli Equation
Explains Bernoullis principle of how fluids increase in velocity as ..
Buoyant Force
This program explains the principles of buoyancy and Archimedes Principle..
Conservation Of Momentum
This program introduces concept of conservation of linear momentum. ..
Density and Pressure
In this program, learn how to calculate the density of an object based..
Equations Of Motion In One Dimension
This program demonstrates the three core equations of motion in one ..
Gravitation and Keplers Laws Of Motion
This program teaches the concepts of the gravitational field and ..
Inelastic and Elastic Collisions
This program demonstrates the difference between elastic and inelastic..
Kinetic Energy and The Work-Energy Theorem
In this program learn about energy in relation to work and how net force..
Momentum and Impulse
This program defines and explains the concepts of momentum and impulse,..
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