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Geniuses of Science & History - Einstein, Tesla & Stalin
Geniuses of Science & History - Einstein, Tesla & Stalin
Who were Really Behind these Genius, Histoic Figures of History? Inventor Nicola Tesla, Physicists Albert (and Mileva) Einstein and Dictator Comrade Joseph Stalin. Few people influenced the first half of the twentieth century more than they did, but who influenced them? Who turned them around at critical times in their lives such that they changed the world irreversibly during and beyond their lifetimes? This series of fact-based dramas portrays the minds, accomplishments, philosophies, hearts and human struggles of these incredibly smart and mentally-defective souls in ways that have never been told. History records the events in the lives of Tesla, Einstein & Stalin whose contributions made our world the cultural, technological and political world it is today. We constantly crave to know more about these heroes or villains but ultimately, these real-life-legends were human and had, like ourselves, crucial turning points in their lives. This series shows the struggles of these famous historical saints and sinners, through the eyes of ordinary people who saw who they really were, and could be. Through these accidental visitors, we are shown the heart, mind and soul of the larger-than-life figures who have shaped the way we look at the world. Students will gain a deeper appreciation of how any ordinary person can become a genius in the service of humanity, or a madman who nearly destroys it. The stories are told through drama with comedic undertones and humorous moments that make these famous figures more approachable, understandable and human.
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