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WORLD WAR II - An American Retrospective

The 50th commemoration of World War II is a special tribute to the men and women of all nations who lived and fought through the greatest armed conflict in world history; a global struggle that painted the landscape of American freedom.

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The Irish Brigade
In The American Civil War

"Belongs in the video library of any history buff and every Irish American..." - Irish News/May 1998

"They came as immigrants & fought to defend the spirit of their adopted country... as true patriots."

The new immigrant Irish were fierce and heroic warriors during the American Civil War; they fought not only for their adopted land but to prepare for the anticipated military struggle for Ireland's freedom.

General Thomas Francis Meagher led them through the fray of many battles, winning for all Irish/Americans not only military but social acceptance. America was now their home!

The Irish Brigade's motto; "Who never retreated from the clash of spears."

A Must Have For:

  • Civil War buffs
  • Students of American History
  • Lovers of all things Irish

Color Running time: 30 Minutes

Viewer's Guide Included.


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