Improve Your Intuition

"What could have been a 45-minute segment of talking heads is instead a compelling documentary with interesting angles and effects." - Atlantic City Magazine

"Journal writing, visualizing issues and goals, playing guessing games based on real life situations, and paying close attention to dreams are a few of the previously well-kept secrets these elite members of the ‘Intuition Network’ share with audiences."
- Billboard

"If your intuition isn’t as sharp as you’d like it to be, check out this video which features experts in the field of intuition and business management offering techniques and exercises." - L.A. Times

How? By learning the techniques and exercises used by the leading intuitive experts. Produced in cooperation with the Intuition Network, this contains interviews with prominent intuitive development professionals - authors, scientists, validated psychics and a psychiatrist.  Intuition is "knowledge gained without rational thought" like a "hunch" or "gut feeling," and it is within all of us. Did you know that your intuition is a muscle that can be developed and strengthened? Join us as we answer the question: How can I improve my intuition?

Running time 45 minutes.


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