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The Geography Tutor Series

Discover this fascinating series which targets the specific and critical areas of geographic
knowledge defined by educators as profoundly lacking in today's students.
"The Geography Tutor" video series is designed to sharpen basic geography skills and
teach concepts that students find difficult to understand.

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Flags of the Nations
Flags of the United States

"Recommended" - Grammy Award Guide

"Fills a longstanding video gap...unique up-to-date overview" - Video Librarian

"A colorful global journey... A gem!" - TV Guide

"Commendable...revealing" - Billboard Video Previews

"A fascinating presentation... colorful... informative" - Children's Video Review

"A full-color reference tool" - Nebraska State Education Assoc.

"This production is a showcase" - School Library Journal

"An excellent reference tool for home-schooling families or just for geography buffs" - Christian Booksellers Of America

"Young children have really enjoyed it" - Cottage Lake Elementary

"Recommended" - Calgary Board Of Education

Flags of the Nations

This educational, 60 minute, full-color video accurately shows and describes the creation, history and up-to-date overviews of more than 270 flags of countries present and past. Revealing the history and symbolism of each flag, the narrator offers viewers a taste of the heritage and sometimes the modern-day culture of many countries. Learn fascinating facts, view breathtaking images and hear appropriate musical passages that will whisk you away to foreign lands!


Alabama To Wyoming: Flags of the United States

A new educational video that entertains and informs. This 60 minute, full color, graphically-enhanced, comprehensive guide to the flags of the 50 states explains the history and origins of each flag plus the states' official bird, flower, tree motto slogan and capital!


Features Include:
  • Interactive Flag Locator - Time code appears in corner of screen, allowing viewer to locate flags in seconds when used with the...
  • Included Reference Directory - This handy feature lists all the flags, time-coded to match the Flag Locator.
  • Archival Film Footage and Historical Narration - Professional narrative provides interesting tidbits, accurate information & selected tourist destinations.
  • Flag Glossary & Terminology
  • Landmark Photography, Regional Music & Soundtracks

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