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Take a special look at the most famous theatre in the world. Visit the fully operational restored Globe Theatre on the Bankside of the river Thames, near its original site and experience how the reconstructed Elizabethan Theatre provides a venue for teaching and studying Shakespeare's plays in the ultimate authentic performance setting.

Globe Theatre Restored

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Fine Art Video Library

Explore the world of Fine Art through the lens of master filmmakers.

ARATA ISOZAKI - Architecture from 1960-1990

An interview with the soft-spoken architect of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Los Angeles, CA. An insightful, insider's look plus examples that motivated the design of his symbolically imaginative buildings. 5 Min.

EUI KYU KIM - The Elusive Figure

This renowned Korean artist creates splendid spiritual canvases that emphasize the curves and contours of the human body. Includes an exclusive interview with the artist in his native tongue. 5 Min.

ED RUSCHA - Don't Want No Retro

Considered one of the first modern conceptual artists, Edward Ruscha (b. California 1937) embraced the impersonality of billboard advertising tophilosophize about the arbitrariness of painted and printed expression. Like Warhol, Ruscha exemplifies American Pop Art at its most creative. 7 Min.

BOB BRANAMAN - Everybody's Buddah

A distinguished filmmaker, printmaker and painter whose work encompasses a broad and eclectic range of subject matter from the treatment of Aboriginal people in America to his love of the female form. This interview with Branaman includes artwork not seen since the early sixties. 10 Min.

DON WILLIAMS - Night Visions

Using the medium of pastel in a realistic fashion, Don Williams is one of the San Francisco Bay areas most impressive artists. He documents his surroundings- especially night scenes - with a camera. The photographs are then incorporated to create hauntingly realistic pastels. Includes an interview with the artist and his dealer, Edith Caldwell. 13 min.

THE FAUVES - Plein Aire Painters

Historically referred to as The Wild Beasts these artists painted vibrant, colorful landscapes outside in the open air. Considered radical in their approach because of their abandonment of the studio, bold use of colors and disregard for naturalistic accuracy. Find out why Artists such as Henri Matisse, George Braque, Claude Derain and their contemporaries rocked the art world from 1904-1908. 5 Min.

SAM FRANCIS - Another Quick Look

A montage of Sam Francis' Watercolors at the rise of his popularity from the late 1950's to the early 1960's. Includes also an interview with longtime friend and art dealer, Andre Emmerich, also feautured in a companion tape (Aw15) from the Fine Art Video Library. 6 Min.

MAN RAY - The Bazaar Years

Ranging from the sublime to the bizarre, Man Ray was a visionary in the mediums of contemporary art. His photography broke new ground in the world of fine and graphic arts. See why he remains a fashion institution even today. 12 Min.

AUROBORA PRESS - The Monoprint Studio
Currently Unavailable

Housed in one of downtown San Francisco's oldest buildings, this turn of the century firehouse has been revived as a living studio where artists can work through their ideas in a nurturing, comfortable setting. 11 Min.

RICHARD POUSETTE-DART - Thinking with the Brush

One of the original Abstract Expressionists, Richard Pousette-Dart has just recently begun to receive the notoriety other New York School painters have long enjoyed. Often termed Painterly abstraction, see why Pousette-Dart's paintings express an evocative field of color hinting at myth, ritual and psychological themes. 13 Min.

WRAPPED IN GLORY - Quilts and Bedcovers
from 1700-1900

Stitch by stitch, American history is recorded from a unique perspective, in these rare and beautiful examples of figurative quilt making. Needle workers over the centuries demonstrate how utility meets art in a domestic milieu and captures first hand a dying American tradition. 19 Min.

THE EIGHT - The American Independence Movement

A survey of paintings by The Eight, a group of artists who attempted to breakout of the established art traditions of the fate 1900's to dominate the early part of the 20th century. A perfect tape for the beginning of a new millennium. 4 Min.

ANDRE EMMERICH - Riding the Waves

An engaging conversation with Andre Emmerich, one of the worlds's leading art dealers. He espouses on subjects from Titian to Sam Francis. He reveals never before heard insights into his relationships with renowned artists and exposes the myth of the discovered artist. 20 Min.

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